Lots of cool tutorials to learn a lot of different things https://www.guru99.com/

Cool Programs:

Escape Motions Rabelle

Corel Painter

Poser - 3D software

Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator

Apophysis - cool fractal program

iPhone apps I use to play with my pictures: Flame Painter, Snapseed, PhotoViva, Repix, PaintCan, ToonPAINT, AutoPainter just to name a few

I recently started using Procreate to draw on iPad

other good apps to try for drawing are: Artrage, Sketchbook by Autodesk (my friend uses it on PC and loves it), Graphic (vector Illustrator), Inspire Pro, Assembly (making stickers, icons etc, but is subscription based), Sketch Club, and other

The cool font I use for my logo is made by "Smoking Drum"